It has been long.

Corona affected our industry very much negative.

It was January this 2019 when we decided to put aside salaries for the teachers a month in advance. Since then our staff would not wait for the 4th to get paid, instead they received salaries on the 28. We continued that way every month.

So when the troubles of having to close the schools in the middle of the month hit, we still manage to pay them full amount and even much earlier on the 20th when other Centres failed to pay theirs even a cent.

In order to encourage payments, last month, we gave parents a R100 discount and at least 50% of them paid school fees.

This month with no schooling at all, we continued to give them a discount of 50%, and we have hope that since some people will be returning to work on the 1st, ECD Centres may as well be allowed to operate within some strict measures, that is if our Social Minister think out of the box.

We hope and pray that Parents cooperate so that we could at least give something to teachers.

In the meantime, we offer daily free lunch to our children, every child in the community and any community member affected. Up to 350 people come for lunch at our Centre.

We are also trying by all means to get them food parcels. Through Hot 919 FM we gave out 12 food parcels as its seen on the picture and we hope for more

We also have daily learning Programs for our Grade R learners and thanks to Mam Johanna for leading the pack.

In God we trust and have hope

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