When we started with the feeding scheme to keep our Centre alive while feeding hungry stomach’s, People thought we are doing it only for the children or parents at the Centre, but when realizing that it’s for everyone hungry, some said: Do you really think you will manage, how long will you keep it going?

He said: Dont turn yourself into a laughing stock because soon your money will be gone and people would still come and you will have nothing to give.

Of cause I started with R1200 of my savings, but decided to first use the food we had bought for the children at school since they have not been coming since lock down.

I told myself that as soon as they get finished, then the R1200 I have, will continue to assist, and the God of heaven who love this kind of work we do, will touch someone or some people to assist so that we continue to feed the poor people

Indeed, within 3 days of feeding everyone who come across, God touched a friend within this same group and she offered to assist wherever possible. Just as the gas bottle needed to be refilled, she sent some money also for the more food, before we know she spoke to her neighbors to donate empty containers so that some people would no longer have to use card boxes and plastic bags on the space of lunch boxes.

Yesterday she delivered lot of take away containers and today people will carry their food in a much dignified way, and we thank God for her neighbors who even donate samp and other food stuff as you can see on the pictures.

Now I am even more confidence that what we have started has got full support of the Almighty, and through His children He will make sure that hot delicious meal is served daily at Oratile for as long as the lock down is still on.

We now have people coming from almost every section of Diepsloot. And we always have loaves of bread on the side, to ensure that when cooked food get finished, we give them sandwiches. So far, no one came hungry and went back still hungry, yet the number keep on increasing.

To God we trust, and thanks for the support family!

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